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From motor vehicles to trucks, forklifts to excavators, medical to printing equipment, Link Finance Group specialises in arranging finance for equipment of all shapes, sizes and costs.
If you are considering to purchase or upgrade business equipment, many companies find it difficult to plan how they'll fund the expense, without draining their precious cash flow. There is a better way.
We have the expertise to find the right finance packages that will suit the way your business runs.
While we do all the running around, you can get on with what you do best, running your business. It may even be appropriate to organise pre-approved funding levels so you know where you stand, and can move quickly to get the equipment you want, when you need it.

Here are just some of the options we can consider for you:
  • Financial lease
  • Commercial Hire Purchase 
  • Chattel Mortgage  
  • Operating Lease / Rental 
  • Novated Lease 
  • Secured consumer facility
  • Operating Lease 

Car Finance

If you are seeking to purchase a new or used motor vehicle, we can provide finance through our consumer car loan products. There are various ways we can assist with the loan structure in order to suit your personal budget.
We can even assist in sourcing a new motor vehicle through our Car Buying Agency.